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Our Mission:

Our mission at LCTPS, put simply, is to bolster Louisville therapy and wellness resources by providing a diverse array of wellness, educational, and therapeutic services that will improve the longevity and quality of an individual's wellness, or as well like to call it, enhancing personal sustainability.

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Some Words on Therapy

We here at LCTPS wish to help you in the process of creating lasting and meaningful change in your life. Through the use of various therapeutic methods and collaborative treatment measures, our team aims to help you develop life-changing habits, or as we like to call them, improved habits of personal sustainability. Here, you will find space for the opportunity for self-expression, reflection, and introspection, as a member of our team works with you to meet your unique needs.  

-The LCTPS Team

Grief and COVID-19: Mourning What We're Missing

The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a medical crisis, but a psychological one. Along with the collective anxiety, stress and sadness comes collective loss and sorrow. Psychologists offer insight and tips on dealing with grief.

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